Legislative Day 2017

Legislative Day Issues & Talking Points

This year, NPMA members will be conveying four critical issues to the legislators concerning the structural pest management industry.  

Modernize the Endangered Species Act (ESA)
Position Paper  |  Talking Points

U.S. EPA Office of Pesticide Programs Funding Levels 
Position Paper  |  Talking Points

Pesticides, NPDES Permits and Waters of the United States
Position Paper  |  Talking Points

Tax Reform: Promote Economic Growth / Enact a Lower Corporate Tax Rate
Position Paper  |  Talking Points

NPMA will cover these issues in depth during the Monday afternoon issues briefing and the Public Policy committee meeting atLegislative Day. We hope to see you there!


Unable to Attend Legislative Day? You Can Still Make a Difference!

If you are unable to attend Legislative Day, you can still make a difference by sending a letter to your elected officials communicating your concerns. To help you understand the issues, please watch the following video

Writing a letter is simple and is, in fact, the most popular method of reaching a member of Congress. When drafting a letter, please bear in mind these few basic suggestions:

Be Direct: State the purpose of writing your legislator in the first paragraph of the letter.

Be Accurate: If your letter concerns a specific piece of legislation, identify it as such, e.g., House bill: H.R. (number), Senate bill: S. (number). The Library of Congress provides a website that will assist you in researching a House or Senate bill number. Please visit the Library of Congress at http://thomas.loc.gov/.

Be Concise: Keep the letter to one page, if possible.

Be Efficient: Emailing or faxing your letter, as opposed to mailing it, is highly recommended. To send your letter via fax or email to your U.S. Representative or Senator, visit NPMA’s legislative action center at https://npmapestworld.org/public-policy/take-action/.

If you have any questions, please contact NPMA's Public Policy team.


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