Legislative Day 2021


NPMA is excited to host the industry’s first virtual fly-in! To help make sure that you get the most out of Legislative Day 2021, we have prepared some information on what to expect for scheduling and logistics. We also invite you to attend our issue briefing on March 4th; we will provide the recording of the issue and logistics briefing on our website through Legislative Day. If you have additional questions not covered below you can contact NPMA VP of Public Policy, Ashley Amidon at aamidon@pestworld.org or 703-999-8463.


How will scheduling work?

NPMA has contracted with a company called Soapbox to schedule our visits; they have a platform that will allow for many meetings to happen simultaneously, and also create individualized schedules for every attendee. When you register, we use the address you provide to have Soapbox schedule meetings on your behalf. We will be scheduling 3 meetings for you– your representative in the House and two senators. All meetings will occur between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM on March 17. 


But I always request my own meetings – can’t I still do that?

Because we are virtual this year, all meetings will be scheduled through the online platform Soapbox has for us. Scheduling meetings outside of that means you won’t have a virtual meeting room set up and will likely conflict with our request into an office. Staffers will usually consolidate multiple meeting requests into one meeting anyway, so please do not submit your own meeting requests.


What if I have a personal connection to a Member or senior staffer? 

We know many of you have been setting up visits for years and may have strong personal relationships with a member of Congress or chief of staff. If you have a personal connection with someone more senior than is listed on your schedule, we encourage you to “bump up” the meeting. That means when you receive your schedule on March 5th, you can simply reply to Soapbox with the details of your connection and they will work with you to reach out to your contact - that way you can lean on your personal relationships and we only have one request coming from NPMA for a meeting. 


When will I get my schedule?

On March 5th you will receive an email with a personalized link to your schedule. Offices sometimes do not confirm meetings until a few days before, so your schedule may show a mix of requested and confirmed meetings until closer to the 17th.  The schedule will be updated in real-time. Your schedule will also have copies of our one-pagers and information about each member.


What if my schedule is wrong?

If you receive a schedule on March 5th and it lists incorrect appointments, then you can simply reply to that email and let Soapbox know what is incorrect. We request visits for you based on the address you provided to us, so if you’ve moved or we have outdated information it may result in incorrect members. But that’s not a problem – because you’ll have access to your schedule 2 weeks out, there is plenty of time to make any corrections needed.


What issues has NPMA selected for Legislative Day?

Our one-pagers are available here. In summary, our issues are 1) education about the industry and our connection to public health, 2) priorities in future COVID packages as well as reminding policymakers that we are an essential industry, and 3) educating members on the problematic provisions of the PACTPA (Neguse/Udall) Bill from last Congress which is expected to be re-introduced.


Need help with your appointments during Legislative Day?

Soapbox will have a help desk on March 16th and 17th for NPMA members who have any issues with their visits. Call 202-362-5910 for immediate assistance from the Soapbox team.

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