Legislative Day 2021


Are you attending Hill visits as a part of Legislative Day? We'll take care of setting up your appointments with your elected officials.  Fill out the form below so we can proceed with setting up your appointment.

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To help make sure that you get the most out of Legislative Day 2023, we have prepared some information on what to expect for scheduling and logistics. If you have additional questions not covered below, or you are having issues with your scheduling you can contact NPMA’s Public Policy Department: James Darr (jdarr@pestworld.org). Josh Reynolds (jreynolds@pestworld.org), Michelle Moore (mmoore@pestworld.org), and Jackie Ramsey (jramsey@pestworld.org).

How will scheduling work?

For those participating in our meetings on Capitol Hill on March 23rd, we are scheduling our meetings a bit differently this year. In past years, we had asked participants to schedule their meetings in the House of Representatives, and NPMA scheduled participants’ meetings in the Senate. This year, we have brought on an outside consulting group, Advocacy Associates, to schedule meetings in both the House and the Senate. To participate in our meetings on Capitol Hill, please fill out this form, so, we can schedule them for you.

I always request my own meetings – can I still do that?

If you would like to schedule your own meetings with your Member of Congress, you are still able to do so! We just ask that by COB on March 14th, you please share your confirmed meeting times with the director of Public Policy James Darr (jdarr@pestworld.org). So that we can coordinate with our outside consultants to ensure that the meetings you have scheduled do not conflict with the meetings that we have scheduled for you.

How do I access my meeting schedule?

You will be able to access your hill meetings schedule through the Advocacy Day app or online via their website portal. Once your meetings are fully scheduled, you will receive an email from Advocacy Advocates asking you to create an account, along with both a link to their online portal and a download to their app, which is available at the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store. We encourage you to use whatever you feel most comfortable with, but with the app there are additional features that will make your hill visits easier to navigate!

App features allow you to:

  • View meeting schedules and receive push notifications.
  • Map to meetings with GPS functionality.
  • Take notes about meetings.
  • Reference talking points.
  • View leave behinds and email them to congressional staff.
  • Research their legislators by viewing Member bios, voting records, news, social media pages, and more.
  • Access social media.
  • Receive automated reminder notifications.

What if I don’t have a Smart Phone?

Once you set up your profile and view your correct schedule, feel free to print it off and bring it with you to Legislative Day. If you are having any issues viewing your schedule through your computer, or don’t have access to a printer, please reach out to someone from the public policy department so they can assist you.


What do I do if I have an incorrect schedule?

If you have an incorrect schedule or noticed that there are meetings missing from your current itinerary, please reach out via email to our public policy department. We will be able to work quickly with Advocacy Associates to get your schedule fixed accordingly, either through the app or their online portal.



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